Tuesday, 29 November 2011

MOODY MONDAY - Take 4 + A recipe

After a weekend with such highs the lows had to come and come they did today all the girls had school but we all got up a little bit grumpy.First day of swimming lessons for the older 2 girls meant a busy morning but the day was fine till we got home from school pick up then all started to go slowly from crap to well shit.

I just got a new bike and tag along trailer for taking the littlies around , maybe even getting me some exercise in the process.When we got home i thought it would be a good time to put it it together whilst the kids had a play outside. I open the box separate all the bits to make a start when they start touching everything thats ok i know that their interested but then they start cutting up all the cardboard, plastic , foam and wrapping that came with it not a happy mummy this does make since i spent most of yesterday cleaning up after the party a new mess was not going down well especially one the wind was blowing all over the place since we were in the garage with the door open.

That was crap but not so bad to ruin my day i got the bike together the tag along attached and gave it a test run the littlies were very impressed as their laughter and excitement was quite loud so all was forgotten about the mess. Time to go in bathe the children and get dinner this is when the shit part started, i run the bath get the littlies in and start making burgers for dinner. I make up a burger mix from what i have in the house get them on  tell the kids to get out the bath to discover they have flooded the bathroom into their bedroom and the carpet is soaking i hit the roof , we rent i was none impressed. Half the towels from the linen cupboard later, them laughing me yelling it was looking ok im hoping it dries without wrecking the carpet though.They are now banned from TV for a couple of days so they can see their actions have consequences its not so funny now.

I calmed down and thankfully dinner was scrumptious and my fussy boy powered through it and if he loved it i must share so heres what i put in them.

Boss Burgers!
700g pork mince
half a large red onion
handful of flat leaf parsley chopped
2 stalks of celery finely diced
a generous dash of worcestershire sauce
a generous squeeze of tomato sauce
a generous squeeze of BBQ sauce

Make into patties fry them up serve on a roll with salad of your choice enjoy their delish :0)
With food in our bellies things did'nt seem so bad but i was definately ready for bedtime.

XXX Melanie


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