Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Moody Monday Take 2

My Mood this monday is fantastic Mr Maze is home for my birthday , i had a very relaxing day yesterday and was taken out for a lovely dinner. Plus over the weekend i achieved this
       Before (well sort of i only thought to take a picture after i had pulled everything
       out from under the patio but it does make the after seem more impressive)
                      After! You can't really tell from the photo but i filled up the wheelie
                      bin with all the weeds and crap i pulled out of the garden.

Nothing like a sense of acomplishment to lift the spirits and get this girl going since sunday was my birthday my regular day of cleaning and baking did not happen so i'll be fitting that in during the week probably when Mr Maze goes back to work and things around here return to normal but right now i'm happy to just be happy and ignore all that.


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