Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Moody Monday- Take 3

This week the house is abuzz with preparations for miss 4s 5th birthday party celebrations and she is getting very excited. Theres so much pink around right now you could be mistaken into thinking a flamingo threw up in my house but that what a barbie fairy princess party requires don't you know pink pink and perhaps a little more pink.

The decorations, party favors ect and her outfit have all been bought things are going to plan very nicely right now fingers crossed smooth sailing all week till the party on saturday. Her excitement is contagious and the mood in the house is high nothing like a party to lift the spirits, her happiness is making me happy i can't wait to see her on her special day revelling in being the center of attentions.

Theres still the food to organise, baking to be done and games to prepare im in for a busy week and not looking forward to the clean up after a bunch of little girl tornados whirl through the house but that shall be forgotten till the party is over.

Wish me luck that everything goes smoothly i might need it! If anyone has any ideas for pink party food i will be happy to hear them im in serious need of pink savoury food ideas.Heres to a whirlwind week.

melanie xxx

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  1. Happy Birthday wishes for your little one hope everything goes well, love the idea of a pink party enjoy my friend can't wait to here all about it.

    Always Wendy