Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Taking the Good with the Bad

Last year miss 9 was diagnosed with epilepsy so every so many months we have to head into Princess Margaret Hospital for an appointment or 2, today it was 2 and we were there for 6 hours we took the train so all together about 10 hours (the bad).
The good however and what im so grateful for is the kidszone/starlight express room and the wonderful starlight staff that made the waiting so much easier to bare and even made it fun.

                                We did sea horse and fish craft !!!!

Miss 4 and Mr 3 of course came with us we did craft and the played and played and played! Not the usual for a hospital visit / doctors appointent but that what makes this place so fantastic not just for visiting patients but for those poor little ones stuck in hospital they even have a teen zone. The starlight foundation does amazing work if you get a chance to support them i suggest you please do.

Sometimes things that you think will be bad turn out pretty good I did have more to say but today has been long and thats all i can muster.


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