Tuesday, 29 November 2011

MOODY MONDAY - Take 4 + A recipe

After a weekend with such highs the lows had to come and come they did today all the girls had school but we all got up a little bit grumpy.First day of swimming lessons for the older 2 girls meant a busy morning but the day was fine till we got home from school pick up then all started to go slowly from crap to well shit.

I just got a new bike and tag along trailer for taking the littlies around , maybe even getting me some exercise in the process.When we got home i thought it would be a good time to put it it together whilst the kids had a play outside. I open the box separate all the bits to make a start when they start touching everything thats ok i know that their interested but then they start cutting up all the cardboard, plastic , foam and wrapping that came with it not a happy mummy this does make since i spent most of yesterday cleaning up after the party a new mess was not going down well especially one the wind was blowing all over the place since we were in the garage with the door open.

That was crap but not so bad to ruin my day i got the bike together the tag along attached and gave it a test run the littlies were very impressed as their laughter and excitement was quite loud so all was forgotten about the mess. Time to go in bathe the children and get dinner this is when the shit part started, i run the bath get the littlies in and start making burgers for dinner. I make up a burger mix from what i have in the house get them on  tell the kids to get out the bath to discover they have flooded the bathroom into their bedroom and the carpet is soaking i hit the roof , we rent i was none impressed. Half the towels from the linen cupboard later, them laughing me yelling it was looking ok im hoping it dries without wrecking the carpet though.They are now banned from TV for a couple of days so they can see their actions have consequences its not so funny now.

I calmed down and thankfully dinner was scrumptious and my fussy boy powered through it and if he loved it i must share so heres what i put in them.

Boss Burgers!
700g pork mince
half a large red onion
handful of flat leaf parsley chopped
2 stalks of celery finely diced
a generous dash of worcestershire sauce
a generous squeeze of tomato sauce
a generous squeeze of BBQ sauce

Make into patties fry them up serve on a roll with salad of your choice enjoy their delish :0)
With food in our bellies things did'nt seem so bad but i was definately ready for bedtime.

XXX Melanie

Monday, 28 November 2011

The Fairy Princess Turns 5

On Saturday my gorgeous fairy princess turned 5.
My week has been hectic full of planning for the party, shopping for the party, cleaning for the party (so it could get trashed again by a pack of princesses wheres the logic in that?), baking for the party which incited even more cleaning but resulted in these wonderful fairy princess choc-chip biscuit wands.

Perfect for any princess with a sweet tooth.
Don't you love them? Do you want to make them?
I shall do a how to with recipe later this week :0)

 How cute are these babies sure to impress children and parents alike so simple to make i got the idea for the very hungry caterpillars and boats in jelly sea from this post by Maxabella loves thank you so much mine are not quite as beautiful but made such a fun impact on the table.

 See how i strategically placed the food i prepared, baked or made around the outside of the table with the store bought stuff through the middle it worked as they were the most uneaten at the end of the party or it could be my hand made touch that made my wares more enticing lets go with that one! See the watermelon that was meant to be a princess crown but i ran out of time, i think it looks more like a lotus flower but miss 5 said it was a crown so thats good enough for me.
 After dancing and pass the parcel it was time for cake my piece de resistance  whilst meek and unassuming on the outside this baby thrilled me to bits when i cut it open to reveal................
I was so happy all the effort i put in paid off there were gasps of joy from the children and "did you make that"  from the mums who may have been just as impressed by my cakey offering as i and the fairy princess were. She was extremely impressed with her birthday cake a huge smile took over her face as i helped her cut the first piece.
Then my joy at the cake and seeing how happy she was was taken even higher when i was summoned outside to a table full of princesses eating cake to a "ok girls1,2,3" "Thank you!" from my princess and the girls. My heart bursting with love and pride as i left them to eat miss thirteen overhears her say "thanks girls you made my mum really happy" do i have the sweetest fairy princess in the land i believe i just might.

So you can see why it has been so quiet in This Mummy Maze i have been one busy mumma we still had our weekly saturday movie night after the party and put up the christmas tree on sunday then cleaned up the massive mess leftover from the party of the year (come on i don't get out much) but i'm back better than before. Maybe?

XXXX Melanie

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Zoo Fun

         A carousel ride to start the day
 Hello gorgeous boy
 I spy at the savanah
 I love the giraffes
 Check out this guy posing for the camera
So cute i want one of my own

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Moody Monday- Take 3

This week the house is abuzz with preparations for miss 4s 5th birthday party celebrations and she is getting very excited. Theres so much pink around right now you could be mistaken into thinking a flamingo threw up in my house but that what a barbie fairy princess party requires don't you know pink pink and perhaps a little more pink.

The decorations, party favors ect and her outfit have all been bought things are going to plan very nicely right now fingers crossed smooth sailing all week till the party on saturday. Her excitement is contagious and the mood in the house is high nothing like a party to lift the spirits, her happiness is making me happy i can't wait to see her on her special day revelling in being the center of attentions.

Theres still the food to organise, baking to be done and games to prepare im in for a busy week and not looking forward to the clean up after a bunch of little girl tornados whirl through the house but that shall be forgotten till the party is over.

Wish me luck that everything goes smoothly i might need it! If anyone has any ideas for pink party food i will be happy to hear them im in serious need of pink savoury food ideas.Heres to a whirlwind week.

melanie xxx

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Glory Of Love

I know i'm giving the best of my love to my family in particular my children when i see, hear and feel my heart full of their love. I can be hard on myself and my capabilties as a mum sometimes as i know most mums can be, but theres times big and small that make me think hey i must be doing something pretty great!

The other night my little darling (yes we have called her that so often that when on the phone daddy asks "who's this" she replys with "its your little darling") miss 4 had her tiara out so i put it on, my little guy mr 4 turns to me and says "mum your my princess of love" my heart just melted and i knew right then was one of those times.

For me theres nothing more glorious than the unconditional love our children give daddy maze and i , im also super proud we are the ones to have assisted them in being the loving caring people they are. So next time im feeling not up to par i shall remind myself of these wise words "Love is all we need" and being the princess of love in my castle anyway know im doing just fine.

Has your little darling said anything lately that made your heart melt?

Friday, 18 November 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week im so grateful Mr Maze got time off work to come home for my birthday and short visit with the family, we all really needed it! Mr Maze took the kids to the carnival all day saturday so i could have a day off to have lunch with my mum and sis, after all the effort of doing both our jobs at home i know i certainly needed it.

We spent the rest of the time chilling at home. Apart from going out for a yummy birthday dinner, we had alot of plans but spending time together at home was so much better and just what we needed.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday

                     The wildlife we get it our area never ceases to amaze me.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Moody Monday Take 2

My Mood this monday is fantastic Mr Maze is home for my birthday , i had a very relaxing day yesterday and was taken out for a lovely dinner. Plus over the weekend i achieved this
       Before (well sort of i only thought to take a picture after i had pulled everything
       out from under the patio but it does make the after seem more impressive)
                      After! You can't really tell from the photo but i filled up the wheelie
                      bin with all the weeds and crap i pulled out of the garden.

Nothing like a sense of acomplishment to lift the spirits and get this girl going since sunday was my birthday my regular day of cleaning and baking did not happen so i'll be fitting that in during the week probably when Mr Maze goes back to work and things around here return to normal but right now i'm happy to just be happy and ignore all that.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Im Digging Deep It Must be My Birthday

So today is my 31st birthday 31 years on this earth,birthdays (Mostly my own but the childrens too) always get me thinking reflecting on my life so far have i lived the best life i could, could i be doing better as a parent as a partner as a person? You know as you do when age gets thrown in your face by something like a birthday not that i mind getting older it will happen weather i like it or not. Though i do feel thats it gone by too fast for now i dont mind getting older (ask me again when im about to turn 40 and i might feel a little different) because for me i know it means im wiser and i can use to my advantage what life has taught me so far.

I want to be the best me i can be but somedays that just gets lost in all the hoopla of everyday life. Something you should know about me im more judgemental of myself than anyone or anything else in my life my whole world in fact ,it has never really bothered me what other people thought of me though as i was always far harder on myself than anyone else can be or has been.Unreasonable? Of course but guilt does'st listen to reason when you impose the guilt on yourself like its an olympic event.

Yes this can make me hard to live with becuase i expect alot from myself i tend to expect that those close to me expect alot of themselves and it frustrates me greatly to see them not even try but also fills me with pride when the confidence they have pushes them on and know that i helped instill that in them. I need to stop the guilt and judgement about stupid things i should have just let go and give myself credit for everything i have achieved, after all i have 4 beautiful children and a man who loves me for me. My life is not terrible and there is millions of people with problems much greater than my own.So yes i can let myself embrace my positives by taking back the power i have focused on my negatives.

The answers to the questions i asked myself though is probably not and suprisingly im ok with that because.....    
                     1 I am not nor will i ever be perfect
                     2 I dont have all the answers
                     3 It means i have something to keep working towards.
                     4 I know for the most part i have always done the best i could at the
                     5 Sometimes to learn the right way first you must be wrong.

I always wanted to be a mum, i just knew i being a mother would be a major part of life for me but becoming one especially as a teenage really bought my self judgement to another level. We have all heard judgements, comment, opinions about teen mums none of them particularly great but right or wrong its the way things are its my personal opinion that there are good and bad mothers of every age and pigeon holing a whole section of people is just not how i roll.

I was determined to do it my way from using cloth nappies,never used a dummy or pacifier ( i happen to think that babies look pretty cute with them and i dont judge any mother or parent who chooses to use them i just put so much pressure on myself to be all my baby needed that they were unacceptable to me), we never used  baby talk,i did'nt  go partying or palm my baby off every chance i got cause i was to busy being a teenager i took on motherhood like a mission!  Now i would never have won mother of the year the cloth nappies lasted all of 6 months till i never used them again in teenage time thats alot now it goes by so quick im left wondering where does the time go, i focused so much on my life as a mum and partner that i let the rest of me fall by the wayside for a really long time.I have made my share of mistakes now i want to use what i know to stop making the same ones after all theres plenty more i have'nt even got to yet.

 I let freindships go that meant alot to me not knowing how much i would come to miss them or that today it would be an issue i still have not resolved i find it hard to not only make friends but keep them im socially annorexic i have starved myself of close girlfriends and freindships for so long i see myself doing it i just can't seem to stop even though i want so bad too. I want those sort of relationships back with girlfriends i could share anything with and they would listen from a place of love not obligation i in return being that friend for them.

I'm greatful for Mr maze when it comes to this he is a social butterfly we can never  go anywhere without seeing at least one person he knows he makes friends easily, can talk the leg of a chair to just about anyone and showed the kids its great to have friends, they manage well on the freind front most of the time but i do wonder if i have made it seem to them that being a mother means that thats all you are. With 3 daughters that certainly is not the message i want them to have i want them to enjoy a full life that motherhood be a part of if they chose but not the whole thing. I know i want to try be a women all my children look up too not seen as just their mum and thats it. Don't get me wrong being their mum is super important it fills my heart so to be the best i want to be for them i need more for me!

I set out to the best job at this mummy gig as i could,as i'm sure every mum does, 13+ years and 3 more children i'm still trying to do the best i can everyday theres a new challenges i am yet to face, more lessons to learn and more mistakes i will make. Thats parenthood! Hey thats life,  We learn as we go but if i can let my self judgement help instead of hinder, instead of guilting myself about what i could or should have done different let myself feel proud about what i have achieved, the good i have done and accept that perfection is not attainable in real life its for magazines and shows where everyones problems are solved in 30 minutes, i just have to let myself be happy with my best.

You know the quote from Alice In Wonderland "I give myself very good advice but i very seldom follow it" as i get older i do wonder why i did'nt listen to my own advice,to that inner voice that could have saved me more than just a few tears to say the least. Why did'nt i trust myself enough to know that i knew the best for me. The answer im giving myself the past is done and can't be changed but my furture is what i make it i know what i want i want to acheive and will strive to get there because i now know doing the best thing for my children, my family is doing the best for myself being a woman with a full life not just mum in a life thats full.

I know i wont change overnight and that these thoughts are just a scratch on the surface but i do think starting this blog is a step in the right direction to reconnecting to myself aswell as other people. Sorry for getting so heavy on a sunday, if i rambled on or it does'nt make sense but its my birthday and i believe i have just given myself the go ahead to relax and thats just what im going to do.

Maybe someone out feels the same and wants to let me know im not alone? Maybe you have some advice or words of wisdom to help me reach this goal or you just want to tell me what you think about on your birthday whatever it is i'm all ears. Have a great sunday :0)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Today im super busy so im jumping on the wordless wednesday band wagon. It was sunny this morning but once again the clouds came rolling in so i thought i'd share some of my sunshine with you.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Taking the Good with the Bad

Last year miss 9 was diagnosed with epilepsy so every so many months we have to head into Princess Margaret Hospital for an appointment or 2, today it was 2 and we were there for 6 hours we took the train so all together about 10 hours (the bad).
The good however and what im so grateful for is the kidszone/starlight express room and the wonderful starlight staff that made the waiting so much easier to bare and even made it fun.

                                We did sea horse and fish craft !!!!

Miss 4 and Mr 3 of course came with us we did craft and the played and played and played! Not the usual for a hospital visit / doctors appointent but that what makes this place so fantastic not just for visiting patients but for those poor little ones stuck in hospital they even have a teen zone. The starlight foundation does amazing work if you get a chance to support them i suggest you please do.

Sometimes things that you think will be bad turn out pretty good I did have more to say but today has been long and thats all i can muster.

Monday, 7 November 2011


I thought today was going to be great i had the girls ready for school, the lunches made by 8 and even managed to finish my coffee before leaving the house which has'nt happened in a while i might add. I have 3 girls 13, 9 , 4 and 1 son 3 Mr Maze as i will call daddy for now works away so as you can imagine i'm a very busy woman and school mornings can sometimes be a right pain in the arse but to day everything was going well not even a raised voice i should have known it could'nt last.

Off out the door here in the west the sun was shining mr 3 wanted to walk so we left the stroller at home, we are only ten minutes walk from the school and were going on the bus after dropping the girls off so i did'nt mind not having to take it. 3 minutes in he wanted to be picked up i did'nt give in and we arrived with no issues dropped off the girls and onto the bus.

From this point the day soured off the bus the weather had changed and it started to pour down fine no worries mr 3 and i were still doing great. Then a phone call left my mood damped the tide of the day was turning. Its miss 4s birthday in couple of weeks so i had to get a few things armed with mr 3s crackers and a lollypop we hit the shops. I got what i needed a quick play in the toy isle and we were out of there, i stopped for a takeaway coffee and mr 3 spotted a cherry ripe slice hes very attracted to pink sweets. I said no and that was it he started a tanty whinge cry session and did'nt stop for almost an hour, i was'nt about to give in as the only parent at home most of the time i need them to know when i say something i mean it.
                             Does this cheeky boy look hard done by to you?

We got home did a few things round the house and watched a dvd together before going to get the girls from school. We got in the door just before it started to pour down and i thought the rest of the day would be fine until i see miss 4 scratching her head. Damn you bloody head lice what is wrong with these parents that still sent their kids to school when their child/children have them? So i do the kids hair, get dinner, the house is a mess again and i'm ready for monday to be over!

How was your monday? Did your day start on way and end another?

Sunday, 6 November 2011

On Sundays Im A Domestic Goddess

Most people spend sunday relaxing i spend sunday getting ready for the week ahead after a little sleep in of course it is sunday after all. So i turn the music up clean the house, have the kids change their beds and i bake their recess for school or snacks for home which they love so much sometimes they don't make it to the lunchbox.
I would like to share with you my recipe for pineapple and coconut muffins we love them let me know what you think.

Pineapple & Coconut Muffins
makes 12

2 cups SR Flour sifted
1 cup coconut
1/2 ts baking powder
3/4 cup raw sugar
1 cup vanilla yoghurt
2 eggs
1/2 cup canola oil
1 >1/2 cups pineapple pieces

STEP 1. Heat fan forced oven to 160c and use spray oil to grease a 12 cup muffin

STEP 2. Mix dry ingredients together in one bowl add pineapple pieces and coat
           with the flour mix this helps stop the pineapple sinking to the bottom of
           the muffin.

STEP 3. Mix the sugar and eggs together then add the yoghurt and oil, combine it
           all together, add to the dry ingredients and mix together. Let stand for a
           few minutes i find this helps make them a little lighter then fill your tray
           and pop in the oven for 20 minutes.

These are a great addition to the lunchbox if they last that long let me know what you think and if you have any lunchbox ideas or recipes i would love to hear them.

           melanie :0)

An Introduction

Hi i'm Melanie,stay at home mother to 4 beautiful children and partner to the love of my life.I love music, coffee, chocolate, movies, books, reality tv (the cornier the better, don't judge), pretties (what i call jewellery, perfume,make-up the beautiful girly things im drawn to) and of course my children and partner. I also have a bit of an owl obsession going on.This is my first forray into the blogeshere as a writer instead of a reader so please bear with me until i find my way.

I plan to blog about everything i love and some things i don't yes there will be whinges, rants and venting im here to have my voice heard even if its only by the few.I love to hang out on twitter, have been a self confessed competition junkie going on 16 years and do product reviews so expect to see them pop up at my leisure. Here will be a place i can be me not just mummy me but every me so for good or bad that who i'll be.

So if you feel like following me on this jouney i welcome you to This Mummy Maze im in and don't be shy introduce yourself and say hi i'd love to get to know you and if you have your own blog any advice you have is greatly appreciated.