Monday, 7 November 2011


I thought today was going to be great i had the girls ready for school, the lunches made by 8 and even managed to finish my coffee before leaving the house which has'nt happened in a while i might add. I have 3 girls 13, 9 , 4 and 1 son 3 Mr Maze as i will call daddy for now works away so as you can imagine i'm a very busy woman and school mornings can sometimes be a right pain in the arse but to day everything was going well not even a raised voice i should have known it could'nt last.

Off out the door here in the west the sun was shining mr 3 wanted to walk so we left the stroller at home, we are only ten minutes walk from the school and were going on the bus after dropping the girls off so i did'nt mind not having to take it. 3 minutes in he wanted to be picked up i did'nt give in and we arrived with no issues dropped off the girls and onto the bus.

From this point the day soured off the bus the weather had changed and it started to pour down fine no worries mr 3 and i were still doing great. Then a phone call left my mood damped the tide of the day was turning. Its miss 4s birthday in couple of weeks so i had to get a few things armed with mr 3s crackers and a lollypop we hit the shops. I got what i needed a quick play in the toy isle and we were out of there, i stopped for a takeaway coffee and mr 3 spotted a cherry ripe slice hes very attracted to pink sweets. I said no and that was it he started a tanty whinge cry session and did'nt stop for almost an hour, i was'nt about to give in as the only parent at home most of the time i need them to know when i say something i mean it.
                             Does this cheeky boy look hard done by to you?

We got home did a few things round the house and watched a dvd together before going to get the girls from school. We got in the door just before it started to pour down and i thought the rest of the day would be fine until i see miss 4 scratching her head. Damn you bloody head lice what is wrong with these parents that still sent their kids to school when their child/children have them? So i do the kids hair, get dinner, the house is a mess again and i'm ready for monday to be over!

How was your monday? Did your day start on way and end another?


  1. Far out, that is one HUGE day! I think you handled it well :) what do you use for getting rid of lice? We haven't had it yet because our girls are so little but I want to be prepared for the first time!

  2. Thanks so much for commenting Marissa at the moment im using Lice Blaster it has herbal extracts and tea tree oil if find it works really weel but you should change what you use so the lice don't get used to one product, i also sprya their hair before school everyday with a lavender/tee tre oil mix in water and then hair spray it works quite well at preventing them but with little children theres never a garenteed way not to get them.