Sunday, 6 November 2011

An Introduction

Hi i'm Melanie,stay at home mother to 4 beautiful children and partner to the love of my life.I love music, coffee, chocolate, movies, books, reality tv (the cornier the better, don't judge), pretties (what i call jewellery, perfume,make-up the beautiful girly things im drawn to) and of course my children and partner. I also have a bit of an owl obsession going on.This is my first forray into the blogeshere as a writer instead of a reader so please bear with me until i find my way.

I plan to blog about everything i love and some things i don't yes there will be whinges, rants and venting im here to have my voice heard even if its only by the few.I love to hang out on twitter, have been a self confessed competition junkie going on 16 years and do product reviews so expect to see them pop up at my leisure. Here will be a place i can be me not just mummy me but every me so for good or bad that who i'll be.

So if you feel like following me on this jouney i welcome you to This Mummy Maze im in and don't be shy introduce yourself and say hi i'd love to get to know you and if you have your own blog any advice you have is greatly appreciated.


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