Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Glory Of Love

I know i'm giving the best of my love to my family in particular my children when i see, hear and feel my heart full of their love. I can be hard on myself and my capabilties as a mum sometimes as i know most mums can be, but theres times big and small that make me think hey i must be doing something pretty great!

The other night my little darling (yes we have called her that so often that when on the phone daddy asks "who's this" she replys with "its your little darling") miss 4 had her tiara out so i put it on, my little guy mr 4 turns to me and says "mum your my princess of love" my heart just melted and i knew right then was one of those times.

For me theres nothing more glorious than the unconditional love our children give daddy maze and i , im also super proud we are the ones to have assisted them in being the loving caring people they are. So next time im feeling not up to par i shall remind myself of these wise words "Love is all we need" and being the princess of love in my castle anyway know im doing just fine.

Has your little darling said anything lately that made your heart melt?

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  1. I agree my friend love is all we need. So sweet with the little darling love it. hope you have a wonderful day.

    Always Wendy