Monday, 28 November 2011

The Fairy Princess Turns 5

On Saturday my gorgeous fairy princess turned 5.
My week has been hectic full of planning for the party, shopping for the party, cleaning for the party (so it could get trashed again by a pack of princesses wheres the logic in that?), baking for the party which incited even more cleaning but resulted in these wonderful fairy princess choc-chip biscuit wands.

Perfect for any princess with a sweet tooth.
Don't you love them? Do you want to make them?
I shall do a how to with recipe later this week :0)

 How cute are these babies sure to impress children and parents alike so simple to make i got the idea for the very hungry caterpillars and boats in jelly sea from this post by Maxabella loves thank you so much mine are not quite as beautiful but made such a fun impact on the table.

 See how i strategically placed the food i prepared, baked or made around the outside of the table with the store bought stuff through the middle it worked as they were the most uneaten at the end of the party or it could be my hand made touch that made my wares more enticing lets go with that one! See the watermelon that was meant to be a princess crown but i ran out of time, i think it looks more like a lotus flower but miss 5 said it was a crown so thats good enough for me.
 After dancing and pass the parcel it was time for cake my piece de resistance  whilst meek and unassuming on the outside this baby thrilled me to bits when i cut it open to reveal................
I was so happy all the effort i put in paid off there were gasps of joy from the children and "did you make that"  from the mums who may have been just as impressed by my cakey offering as i and the fairy princess were. She was extremely impressed with her birthday cake a huge smile took over her face as i helped her cut the first piece.
Then my joy at the cake and seeing how happy she was was taken even higher when i was summoned outside to a table full of princesses eating cake to a "ok girls1,2,3" "Thank you!" from my princess and the girls. My heart bursting with love and pride as i left them to eat miss thirteen overhears her say "thanks girls you made my mum really happy" do i have the sweetest fairy princess in the land i believe i just might.

So you can see why it has been so quiet in This Mummy Maze i have been one busy mumma we still had our weekly saturday movie night after the party and put up the christmas tree on sunday then cleaned up the massive mess leftover from the party of the year (come on i don't get out much) but i'm back better than before. Maybe?

XXXX Melanie


  1. Oh what a beautiful princess she is, wow what a party the food looks amazing and that cake yummy. You have been busy my friend, what a precious mummy you are. Thanks for sharing her special day with me. Hope you a wonderful day tomorrow.

    Always Wendy

  2. Totally love this. Way to go with the party decorations and food. Brilliant. Happy Birthday to your cherub. That cake looks awesome! N x