Monday, 30 January 2012

Why Hello, Its Been A While!

Hello Lovlies

Why yes it has been a long while and whilst i did not say i was taking a break it seems as if it was imposed on me when i needed one. I do have a tendency to take on well everything, when i already have to much on my plate i will add more even to my own detriment,  thats what happened when i started this blog the juggling act i had going came crashing down and something had to give. THIS MUMMY MAZE was abandoned for the greater good of a christmas and school holidays that did'nt totally suck for me and the children as Mr Maze was home for less than 2 weeks of the entire time.

We had a wonderful christmas with family and miss 10s new years eve birthday celebration. We have been to the movies, to the zoo, to adventure world and a bunch of other holiday treats that have  kept me very busy indeed but now we come to the end of the holidays and the start of all my babies going to school for the first time i will be alone during some days of the week.

Although i am so looking forward to the kids being back at school it will be bitter sweet my big girl will start high school in a few days and my little guy, my baby, will start kindy at the end of the week. It's a defining moment in my life my babies are growing so quickly i don't know where the time has gone but at the same time i have been waiting for this for what seems like forever.

I have wanted this new chapter so badly but at the same time am so scared to live it that i seriously considered another baby because i thought thats what i truly wanted and in truth i think thats because its all i have known for so long now. Being a stay at home mum for the last 13 years has really left me out of the loop on everything, the only other thing i know i can do is comping and unless you are one you wont understand its a total addiction but in the real world who am i now all the kids are at school?

Well i don't know just yet but i do think its going to be fun finding out even if it does take some getting used too. If you have been through this or are going through this now how did you or are you coping and what advice do you have for me so i can deal without becoming a blubbery mess.

Melanie xxx


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